M4N Full-Frequency


Advanced alloy (magnesium and aluminum) cone, coated with special damping material, having good rigidity and dynamic stability, improving the sonical features of the driver;
High power handling, heat-resistant Kapton® voice coil former and heat-resistant CCAW voice coil wire;
Finite Element Analysis for shielded magnetic system with long-throw linear excursion design;
Hi-Vi Symmetric Motor Drive (SMD) technology makes the voice coil into a symmetric driving magnetic field, thus acquiring symmetric driving force, reducing voice coil inductance and back electromotive force modulation, improving the controllability of the speakers;
Finite Element Analysis for flat & rigid iron frame, prevent the parasitic structural resonances;
Using leading technology of Small/Thiele parameters in cabinet design;
Suitable for midrange, surround speakers in a home theatre system, and also suitable for computer multimedia speakers.

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M4N Full-Frequency
Nominal Impedance (Z)(Ω) : 8
Resonance Frequency (Fs)(Hz) : 69
Nominal Power Handling (Pnom)(W) : 15
Max Power Handing (Pmax)(W) : 30
Sensitivity (2.83v/1m)(dB) : 82
Weight (M)(Kg) : 0.60
VC Diameter (mm) : 20
DC (Re)(Ω) : 6.5
VC Length (H)(mm) : 9.0
VC Former : CCAV
VC Frame : Kapton
Magnet System : Shielded
Magnet Former : Ferrite
Force Factor (BL)(TM) : 3.1
Gap Height (He)(mm) : 3.0
Linear Excursion (Xmax)(mm) : 3.0
Suspension Compliance (Cms)(uM/N) : 1080
Mechanical Q (Qms) : 5.39
Electrical Q (Qes) : 1.35
Total Q (Qts) : 1.08
Moving Mass (Mms)(g) : 4.8
Effective Piston Area (Sd)(m2) : 0.0053
Equivalent Air Volume (Vas)(L) : 4.3
Cabinet Type : Sealed
Recommended Box Volume(Vb)(L) : 4
-3dB Cut-Off Frequency(F3)(Hz) : 70